The playgroup staff are:

Vivian E. Suphellen (Leader), Anette Johannessen (assistant), Agata (cleaner) and Linda Olsen (accountant).



Monday - Wednesday     09.30 - 13.30

Thursday 9.30 - 14.30


Playgroup users can come and go as they please within the normal opening times.







Facebook page: Storhaug åpen barnehge



From the 1st of November 2018, it`s free to use open kindergarten.





Children and adults are registered at the door each day. This is for two reasons. The Kindergarten needs to know who is present at all times in our Kindergarten, in case of fire. We also need to keep a record, over the Children which use our offer. Please, remember to make a mark at the daily sign-up list, when you are leaving the Kindergarten.


Useful things to bring: slippers or indoor shoes, lunch and nappies.




What the playgroup expects from you:

  • Choose which activity you want to join in and take an active part in it together with your child or children.
  • Show respect and tolerance for the other users of the playgroup and help to create an environment that includes everyone.




A few rules for a happy playgroup:

  • Try to keep the noise level down.
  • Try to avoid running around inside (there’s a playground outside that’s great for running and shouting!).
  • Try to sit up at the table for lunch. This creates a calmer and more pleasant mealtime for everyone.
  • Everyone eats together at 11.00. If your child has to eat at any other time please ask a leader where it is appropriate for you to do this.
  • Please clean up after meals, activities and playtime.
  • Remember to only take pictures of your own children, video camera is not allowed.
  • It is not allowed to post online or distribute pictures of other children at face book, YouTube etc.
  • We wish to provide a cell phone free environment for the Children. Thank you, for putting your phone on silent!




Playgroup activities:

  • There is junior club for children over ca 2, 5 years old every Monday, from 12.00.
  • We hold a Christian circle time every Tuesday, with well-known bible stories and children’s songs.
  • There is a special song group for babies (0-12 months) on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 12.00. (come a bit earlier to sign up)




Happy playtime, Vivian and Anette.